Kim, Kyung Sik


LaBelle Chateau Frontenac

Oil on Canvas

26” x 32”


B.A. Sung Gyun Kwan University, Seoul, Korea, 1960
“English Literature” at the end of B.A. Sung Gyun Kwan University
Graduate of Seoul Graphic Design Art Institute, 1964
KASC Annual Exhibitions, 1995 – 2019
TAA Annual Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, 2007 – 2013
10 Artists Exhibition from Toronto to Chicago, 2008
2nd Solo Exhibition, Radio Korea Hall, Los Angeles, 2000
The Invitation Exhibition, Cambridge Gallery, New York, 1996
1st Solo Exhibition Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 1995
Selected Graphic Design Art for Sinsang Group Exhibition, 1964